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Or was it the dwarf who was cast out of a wedding procession? Alban's ascent to power was bloodless. His coup d'etat was masterminded by the shrewd, sardonic and ageless Leitrim statesman, Edmond Hegarty. Born in Ireland, Edmond spent many years living in India, where he spent most of his time in Westminster. There he became a confidant of India's self-taught statesman, Mohandas Gandhi, and was heavily involved in the Congress Party, a political party with which, on account of the colour of his skin, he was often suspected of being a traitor. He returned to Ireland in and was soon ensconced in the heart of the Gaelic revival. He saw to it that Ireland became a fascist state. In this he was assisted by the shameless conniver, Cathal Brugha. What was also distinctive about this Conservative Party, was that instead of fighting each other over social, economic and cultural divisions, they fought each other over religion. In much the same way that the Irish Civil War was a struggle over social class. Leitrim were being torn apart by the forces of Cromwell. On that particular morning the Leitrim Cavalry were waiting at the top of the Mougne Hill above Gougane Barra. When the Russian tanks and soldiers approached, some were hit in the head by grenade as they waved a white flag. It was a period of great uncertainty in Ireland. In an attempt to placate the hardliners, the Free State Army destroyed the republican movement. On June 21st, U1626, Ormonde was killed in a roadside ambush. U1627 was taken prisoner, along with the other Leitrim republican leaders, and after several months of interrogation, was executed. His head was severed, and he was hanged from a tree in Cappoquin. This left only a small band of insurgents in Leitrim. They were surrounded by the Free State Army at Knockmore, and could expect no mercy from the forces of Cromwell. A surrender was agreed, and while the Leitrim men were being lined up in the center of the village, five of the rebel guerrillas opened fire. There were immediately several cries for mercy. The firing stopped, and the Free State men then released the Leitrim men.



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